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What is an intervention?

Intervention can be defined as the way that may help the drug addiction addict realize his problem and may help him attend a proper rehab or treatment program to address his drug problem in the best way possible.  In most of the cases intervention is the best way to hasten a loved one’s road to recovery. The main goal of staging an intervention is to help your loved one recognize his drug problem and his need for drug rehab so that he is well on the road of recovery.  As long as this primary goal is met, the intervention is successful.

Types of Intervention

If you are looking for an intervention for a friend, family member or a loved one then intervention styles you can choose from include:

  • Classical intervention:  When family members plan a meeting without the addict before the actual intervention takes place in order to educate themselves of their role during the intervention.
  • Simple Intervention: One-on-one interaction between the addict and a friend or a family member
  • Crisis Intervention:  A situation arises where an addict faces a crisis and it becomes necessary for his safety to get him help whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • Family system intervention: This intervention takes place when multiple members of the family are suffering from drug addiction or a serious drug problem.

Pros and Cons of Interventions

InterventionPros of Interventions:

  • Interventions are flexible
  • Interventions are empowering
  • Interventions have high success rates

Cons of Interventions:

  • It requires a unanimous agreement between family members and friends
  • An Intervention may have some risks
  • You have to come to terms with your own ultimatum

However, the pros of the intervention definitely outweigh the cons. An intervention can definitely help a loved one of yours chose the right path that will lead him towards recovery.

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