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Outpatient Suboxone Treatment

What is Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone is a prescription drug that is an opiate in its composition as a combination of two drugs buprenorphine and naloxone. However, it is not as dangerous as morphine and the administration of suboxone plays a key role in curbing the grueling withdrawal symptoms that are a part of opiate addiction. Suboxone treatment is available as both outpatient suboxone treatment as well as inpatient suboxone treatment and used to treat opiate dependence related to Percocet, vicodin, heroin, oxycodone, heroin, morphine and oxycontin.

How is Outpatient Suboxone Treatment Administered?

Administration of suboxone is a very popular option under the outpatient drug treatment programs. This drug has been approved by FDA (Food and drug Administration) in 2002 as a treatment for opiate addiction. Used in the initial stages of the suboxone treatment this medication helps the patient in dealing with his addiction by curbing the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid dependence.

Suboxone is given to the patient as a daily dose taken once a day by placing the drug under the tongue sublingually (dissolved under the tongue).

Outpatient TreatmentMost outpatient facilities expect the user to spend the first 24-72 hours of the detox program on site under the medical supervision of a doctor as the first 72 hours are the most difficult and critical for the patient. However, the final decision is up to you and you get to decide whether you want to go through the drug withdrawal phase alone or under the supervision of doctor that specializes in withdrawal.

It is mandatory for you to consult a doctor as he needs to know about your health problems as well as the medications that you may be taking for them. The doctor will then decide upon the correct dosage for your problem.

Advantages of Outpatient Suboxone Treatment

The major advantage of an outpatient suboxone treatment is that it allows the patient to go on with his life as usual while undergoing the treatment. Moreover, administration of suboxone allows the patient to get rid of his addiction without undergoing the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

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