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Prescription Drug Detox

Prescription drug detox programs help addicts hugely as they give these users the access to medical treatments and addiction experts whose job is to create and design services and programs that reduce the severe task of dealing with withdrawal symptoms easier on the patient making the road to recovery as well as sobriety easier. These detoxification programs help the addict to discard the opiates from his body easily and then take up addiction treatment programs that helps him to start on with a life that is healthy and addiction free.

What to expect from a Prescription Drug Detox Program

Usually people are scared of entering a drug detox program due to the misinformation that has been spread about these treatments. That is why learning more about how these prescription drug detox works will help alienate the fear that keep people away from taking up these lifesaving programs. Let us take a look at what one should expect from these programs:

Initial Assessment: As the first step of the program the experts try to determine the kind of drugs that the person has been taking and the dosage the person has been taking.
Choosing the setting for the treatments: The detoxification can take place in a number of settings like hospitals, special clinics, rehab center or even in a private bedroom.  The decision is ultimately left to the patient after consultation with a doctor.

Regular Assessment:  When a patient is under the process, the staff will perform these examinations. For an inpatient these exams may take place at an hourly basis wherein an outpatient may require these examinations daily or even less frequently.  In case a person is found to be suffering from withdrawal symptoms than he can be provided with appropriate medication to help him deal with his discomfort and get a control on the withdrawal symptoms. Usually administration of suboxone is seen under these circumstances as this prescription medication curbs the impact of the withdrawal symptoms on the body while slowly helping the addict to wean off the addictive drug.

Easing Distress

Finally these prescription drug detox program help in soothing the fears and the feeling of shame that is quite normal amongst these users by educating them about the whole process of addiction and then telling them that the feelings that they are undergoing are quite normal and a part of  the healing process.

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