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What to Expect from Drug Detox

When a patient has full information on what one should expect during drug detox, it is easier for him or her to deal with the anxiety and fear of the first stages of detoxification.These days lot of individuals who are suffering from drug addiction assume that drug detox program is quite an uncomfortable and harrowing experience, thanks to the way media portrays these drug detox and addiction recovery programs on television. However, one needs to understand that these drug addiction treatment programs are handled by certified and experienced health professionals, doctors and counselors who not only assist a patient to heal physically but psychologically as well and helps him to return to a normal life in the safest and the most enlightening way possible. All in all drug detox addiction recovery program heals not just the body but mind as well.

The Step by Step Process of Drug Detox

Let us take a look at the overview of the detox program so that you have a better idea of what to expect during the whole addiction recovery drug detox program.

  • Diagnostic Drug Testing
  • Management of Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Addiction Counseling Services
  • Increasing Mental Clarity
  • Building Body Strength

It is true that a drug addiction treatment program can be very frightening to deal with if one is alone, however special drug addiction rehab centers offer support and proper counseling that make these programs a peaceful and encouraging process.

Drug DetoxSide Effects of Drug Detox Programs

The main side effects of these programs are the drug withdrawal symptoms that a patient suffers once he stops taking the addictive drug. These withdrawal signs are quite uncomfortable to deal with, both psychologically and physically. Common withdrawal symptoms include severe body aches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, extreme sweating and chills, anxiety, depression and flu like symptoms.

Suboxone Treatment during Drug Detox

Suboxone is usually given to the patient in the initial stage of the addiction recovery program. Suboxone is an opioid in nature however it does not have the dangerous effect like morphine has on the brain and that is why it is given to the patient to help him deal with the withdrawal symptoms better as it controls the uncomfortable onslaught the withdrawal has on the patient’s body.

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