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Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

How Drug Addiction Develops

Drug addiction does not happen all of a sudden and with glaringly obvious symptoms. This illness creeps up on a person when a person who is either using drugs for medical purposes or recreationally continues to take them because the drug now makes them feel good or stops them from thinking about their problems. One needs to understand that there is a very thin line between regular use and drug abuse and addiction and almost a negligent number of addicts realize that they have crossed that line.

The Warning Signs of Drug Addiction to Watch For

Most of the time addicts become very good at concealing their habit from family and loved ones. They often remain in denial that they have a serious issue and conceal their symptoms. If you suspect that a closed one might be suffering from a drug addiction, you can look for the following warning signs:

Physical signs

  • Dilated or shrunk pupils
  • Blood shot eyes
  • Sudden changes in sleep patterns and appetite
  • Messy physical appearance and poor grooming habits
  • Tremors and impaired coordination

Behavioral signs

  • Declining performance at school or work
  • Financial problems and unexplained need of money
  • Isolated and secretive behavior
  • Frequently getting into trouble like accidents, fights and illegal activities

Psychological signs

    Warning Signs of Drug Abuse

  • Drastic change in the personality and attitude
  • Unusually aggressive behavior or angry outbursts
  • Lethargic or spaced out appearance
  • Unusual hyperactivity, agitation, or giddiness
  • Paranoid or fearful behavior

Prevention of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can completely destroy a person’s life and that is why treatment and rehab is a necessity. The first step in the journey of recovery is to realize that you have a problem and after that if you are ready to make a change, then help is within reach and well help you build a satisfying, drug free life for yourself.

If you or a loved one needs to find a drug rehab center then our suboxone rehab helpline number is always available for you. Call us today and our expert adviser will help you find the best rehab center near your area.

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