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Lorcet is a prescription narcotic medication that is given to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. Being an opiate in nature, Lorcet is a potentially dangerous drug as abuse of this medication can lead to severe dependence and addiction problems. A person who has been using Lorcet for a longer period of time than prescribed and in larger doses than advised, he has higher chances of developing an addiction. When an addicted person tries to stop using the drug abruptly he suffers from withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, a runny nose, goose bumps, and sweating. Although these symptoms are not life threatening they can be extremely uncomfortable and may force the patient to go into relapse. This is why often times a drug detox program is used to help ease the pain.

Lorcet Rehab

Lorcet DetoxLorcet addiction needs proper rehab and medical treatment as it causes both psychological and physical addiction. Lorcet addiction treatment is in fact one and only option for a severe addict if he wants to get back on the road to recovery. The rehab treatment offers a detox process that helps the patient’s body get rid of toxic drug without suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms. Comprehensive rehab treatment also offers counseling, support services, and aftercare so that the patient can successfully avoid the risk of relapse.

Lorcet Detox Benefits

Lorcet drug detox is the first and also the most important step in a drug addiction treatment program. This process helps the patient’s body get rid of toxins accumulated from the drug use. Detox may prove uncomfortable for patients because they suffer from withdrawal symptoms. A professionally monitored program also helps in managing these physical symptoms and at the same time helps reduce the risk of withdrawal.

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