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Sober Living Homes

Recognizing Drug Addiction

Sober Living HomesDrug addiction is a problem that has the potential of destroying a person’s life completely. This is why it is very necessary that one recognizes and accepts the fact that he has drug addiction and needs immediate help. Warning signs that can help in recognizing whether a person is suffering from a drug addiction problem and help get them addiction treatment:

  • Blood shot eyes with abnormally dilated or shrunken pupils
  • Unusually aggravated and aggressive behavior
  • Sudden show of mood swings and panic attacks
  • Secretive and increasingly isolated behavior
  • Sudden change in sleep and appetite pattern
  • Unexplained need of money
  • Frequent run in with the law like arrests due to DUI or getting into fights

Goals of Sober Living Homes

A sober living home is a big blessing for people who want to get away from their dark destructive life of addiction and only have one aim; addiction recovery. These housing communities are filled with people living together and all of them sharing one single goal- a life free from the dark shadows of addiction. These sober living homes allow recovering addicts a place where they all share common goals and experiences and a place they all can grow.

The main goal of these sober living homes is to provide a structured living environment dedicated to sobriety and self-improvement.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

The benefits and advantages of a sober living home are many and the best and the most important benefit is the drug and alcohol free environment these programs offer to recovering addicts. When an addict more into a sober living home, he is in fact moving away from a hostile environment that fostered his addiction problem. Moreover, these sober living houses have stringent rules regarding the use of drugs. Residents are not allowed to use drugs and in case they are caught using they are asked to leave – without any exceptions.

These houses offer great peer support to members and all the residents are required to attend two house meetings every week, as well as regular 12-step meetings. Sober living homes also offer healthy recreational activities giving residents a chance to keep the thoughts about their addiction habit at bay.

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