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Pain Killer Addiction Treatment

Pain Killer addiction is often treated as a taboo and addicts are seen in a very bad light. However, what we need to realize is that opioid addiction is not a result of a person being mentally or morally weak. Prescription drug addiction is a severe medical condition that takes place due to the changes in the brain of people who have been on pain killers for some physical problems for a long period of time. These people do not need our scorn but they need to be treated with affection and empathy as facing the cycle of detox and relapse is a mentally and physically grueling process not to mention very long.

Getting out of this drug addiction requires willpower as well as the right medication to improve the chances of success. Suboxone treatment as well the more traditional 12-step programs and methadone treatment are now helping a lot of people to overcome their condition and lead a normal life.

Some Popular Pain Killer Addiction Treatments

pain-killer-addiction-treatmentSubutex and Suboxone Treatment: This is the newest as well as the most popular prescription drug addiction treatment. Subutex is usually given in the initial phase of the detox program while suboxone is a medication of the maintenance phase of the treatment. The best thing about suboxone is that iit can be gradually and carefully weaned as well as stopped thus making it risk free of causing physical dependence and causing yet another opioid dependence.

Methadone Treatment: Methadone is one of the longest standing medications for pain killer addiction. This drug releases the same receptors like any other narcotic which in turn helps in controlling the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. The correct dose prevents symptoms of withdrawal without causing any craving from the drug. However, methadone addiction treatment side effects are usually the development of methadone addiction if the dose is not properly administered.

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