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California Opiate Addiction Information

California opiate addictionDue to California’s diverse culture, and close proximity with Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, California continues to have one of the largest drug problems in the nation. However, what is most concerning is that the use of dangerous illegal drugs like Heroin and powerful prescription drugs like Oxycontin, have seen a huge uptake in recent years. Drug treatment specialists report that over the last 10 years, heroin use has increased almost 25% due to the large availability of Mexican black tar heroin and heroin from Asia. This increased availability of high purity heroin that can be ingested by snorting or smoking the drug, has attracted a new, younger population to use heroin without a syringe or needle.

Whether you live in large metropolitan areas like beautiful Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, or smaller communities such as Ventura, Palm Springs or Yuma, heroin and other opiate addiction is a major problem all across California. However, what many Californians may not realize about opiate addiction is that, like any addiction, it is a mental disease and needs to be treated as such. Without the proper treatment, many users can go on for years using heroin and other opiates and can devastate and destroy their lives, and countless lives around them.

Seeking Help for a Heroin Addiction in California

All over the state of California there are many different types of drug treatments available including residential, inpatient and outpatient treatments. The best treatment method must also be determined by the severity and duration of the heroin addiction. In many long term cases, heroin users have built up such a large dependence to the drug that severe withdrawal symptoms can occur if the patient immediately stops using. These withdrawal symptoms can vary in the level of severity, and can even be life threatening in rare cases.

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Using Suboxone to Combat Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

California opiate addictionSuboxone is a prescription medication that has proven to be quite effective in the treatment of opiate addiction. Suboxone is often administered in an outpatient setting and helps to ease withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin and other opiate dependency. Suboxone also works in cases of prescription drug withdrawal, including oxycodone, oxycontin, vicodin, percocet and morphine. Suboxone also works to detoxify the body of all existing opiates by encouraging the body to purge itself of all existing traces of the drug.

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The purpose of Suboxone is to help aid the opiate treatment process by decreasing the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms, while helping the body to rid itself of existing traces of the drug. This could take anywhere from one to two weeks, until the withdrawal symptoms have dissipated and further treatments can be started. If your looking to contact a licensed Suboxone physician near you feel free to look over our California Suboxone directory for more information.

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