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About Your Listing

Creating A New Listing

After you join The Suboxone Directory, adding your Suboxone treatment facility to our directory is simple.   You simply log in using your newly created username and password, then click on the Membership tab and select the listing option you would like.   Then proceed to enter information on your treatment facility.   Your Suboxone treatment facility will be listed in our directory within 24 hours under the category you select in the Listing Information form.  It’s   as simple as that! *Note- If you have more than one Suboxone treatment facility, you simply add a new listing for each facility in the appropriate region under your Suboxone Directory account*

Editing An Existing Listing

Here at The Suboxone Directory, we want to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about your facility. If information in a listing is incorrect, please contact us so that we may change it to help those in need to get in touch with their first choice facility more easily. Due to business security for you, we have a specific way in which we would like listing edit requests to be done.

First, please fill out our Contact Us form with your name and the Suboxone treatment facility you represent. Tell us what information needs to be corrected. Lastly, be sure to include a telephone number for the facility. We will contact the clinic in order to verify the validity of the new information. This is a safety measure so that your information is only edited by authorized representatives of your facility.

As soon as we make our verifications, we will change the information and get your listing on the right track for success!

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