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Heroin Problem in Missouri

<Missouri Heroin AddictionThe trafficking and abuse of heroin in Missouri is a growing problem all across the state, from Central Missouri to the St. Louis metropolitan area. While heroin use has been rampant in St. Louis for the last 15 years, recent evidence shows that it is gaining popularity all over the state. Large numbers of overdose deaths in Franklin and Lincoln counties suggest that this problem has spread far beyond the large cities of Missouri like St. Louis and Kansas City, and has entrenched itself into rural Missouri as well.

With the high availability of pure white heroin showing up all across the state, many in state and local government are worrying that this problem is only getting worse. Mexican black tar heroin, and South American heroin are widely available throughout the state, especially in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. As this problem continues to get worse, more and more Missourians are becoming addicted to this dangerous drug with more and more overdose deaths being reported each year.

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Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is one of the most painful and destructive addictions in the world. Produced from the poppy seed, heroin is a semi-synthetically created form of morphine, and is widely regarded as one of the most addictive substances ever created. Ironically, heroin was first used as a medication to help treat morphine addiction. Before long heroin addiction swept the country and has been destroying thousands upon thousands of lives ever since.

Heroin addiction is often characterized as a person continuing to use the drug, even though they are experiencing negative consequences in their lives because of the drug. They are no longer able to choose to stop taking heroin, and become physically and psychologically dependent on the drug. Once they have become completely dependent they are no longer able to function normally without using the drug. The individual will also get strong to severe withdrawal symptoms if the body hasn't recently had any of the drug. Heroin withdrawal symptoms are not life threatening, but can be major stumbling blocks for those looking to quit heroin once and for all.

Suboxone For Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Suboxone is a prescription medication specifically designed to treat heroin withdrawal symptoms and assist the body in detoxifying itself from any opiates that may be in your system. Suboxone is administered in an anonymous outpatient setting and is typically combined with other addiction treatments like drug therapy, drug counseling and support groups. Suboxone is effective in treating any opiate based drug addiction including oxycontin, codeine, vicodin, percocet, and morphine.

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Suboxone can only be provided by a licensed physician who is legally certified to administer suboxone. To find a Missouri heroin addiction treatment center in your area, please feel free to look through our Missouri Suboxone directory for Missouri Suboxone doctors.

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