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New Jersey Heroin Abuse

New Jersey Heroin AbuseBecause the state of New Jersey is located between two of the major drug trafficking hubs of the United States, New York and Philadelphia, New Jersey is considered an ideal spot for drug smugglers and drug traffickers alike. However, while the availability of drugs like marijuana, crack and cocaine are high in the state of New Jersey, heroin represents New Jerseys most significant threat. Heroin accounts for more deaths and more admissions to New Jersey state treatment centers than every other drug combined.

South American heroin remains the most widely available type of heroin across the state and is most active in large cities like Newark, Jersey City and Paterson. Heroin purity in Newark continues to be one of the highest in the nation. Heroin in New Jersey is available in various forms, such as pellet and brick forms, or in glassine bags with brand names stamped on them. Heroin is becoming a major problem all across the “Garden State” and many New Jersey lives have been destroyed because of this dangerous drug.

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Heroin Dependency

Long term heroin abuse usually results in a serious condition known as heroin dependency. When a user has become completely dependent on heroin, their body no longer can function normally without the drug. Signs of heroin dependence include strong cravings in between uses, constantly focusing on when you will get your next dose, erratic behavior, sudden financial problems, and track marks and bruises on the arms and body.

Heroin dependency can also result in severe heroin withdrawal symptoms. When the body becomes completely dependent on the drug, the body reacts to not having the opiates in the system and will result in moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and are often major obstacles for users looking to stop using the drug.

Treating Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms with Suboxone

Suboxone is a prescription medication used specifically for the treatment of heroin withdrawal symptoms and heroin dependency. Because suboxone is a partial opiate, it gives the user a controlled opiate release, which helps to ease withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin dependency. New Jersey Suboxone rehab is effective on any opiate based drug including oxycontin, vicodin, codeine, percocet and morphine. Suboxone has helped many long term heroin users to overcome the difficulties that heroin withdrawal can bring, and helped them to stop using the drug forever.

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