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Drug Abuse in Wyoming

Wyoming Heroin AddictionWhile heroin is not currently considered a widespread problem in the state, new studies produced last year say otherwise. These studies indicate that while heroin has not historically been a problem in Wyoming, the influx of Mexican immigrants in the area has brought with it a criminal element that has been linked to large Mexican drug trafficking organizations. With a foothold in the area, these Mexican drug cartels are distributing heroin in large quantities out of Cheyenne and Casper, and are working on expanding into Wyoming’s vast rural areas.

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Wyoming Heroin Addiction

Heroin, also known as Smack, H, Diesel and Black Tar, is one of the most addictive and destructive substances ever created. Formed from naturally occurring morphine found in the seedpod of the Asian poppy plant, heroin was introduced, ironically enough, as a treatment for morphine addiction. However, once heroin took hold on the American population it never let go, and continues to be one of our most destructive and costly drug problems. Heroin addiction is estimated to cost America billions every year in state funded treatment, medical care, and incarceration. This is not to mention the tens of thousands of lives who have been negatively affected due to the drug.

Why is Heroin So Dangerous?

Heroin is so dangerous for a multitude of reasons. First off, because heroin is created from naturally occurring morphine, it comes with a high rate of addiction and dependency. Heroin is also dangerous because it's impossible for users to accurately know the purity levels of the heroin their using. This is because heroin is cut with a variety of other substances, which means that not only do users not really know the strength of the heroin their putting in their body, but they also don't know what other chemicals it's mixed with. This is the main reason why there are so many overdoses related to heroin.

Heroin can also cause major health problems including miscarriages, heart infections, liver failure, as well a higher risk of catching deadly infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Because regular heroin use can lead to an increased tolerance, this can be physically dangerous to the user and can lead to physical dependency. Physical dependency happens when the body has become so used to the influx of heroin in the system, that the body begins to adapt to these changes and can no longer function normally without the drug. If someone who is dependent on heroin stops using, they are most likely to get painful withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from 24 hours to a week and can be major obstacles in the way of individuals trying to quit the drug.

Heroin Dependency and Suboxone

Suboxone is a prescription medication that is specifically designed to ease the suffering from heroin withdrawal. Because suboxone is itself a controlled partial opiate, it can help ease the pain of heroin sickness so that the user can focus on other aspects of their recovery. Wyoming Suboxone rehab is effective on any opiate based drug addiction such as heroin, Oxycontin, codeine, Vicodin, percocet and morphine. Suboxone can only be prescribed by a doctor who is licensed to administer suboxone. To find a suboxone doctor near you please feel free to look through our Wyoming Suboxone directory for a suboxone provider in your area.

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